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August 2009 We're now located on SaltSpring Island, BC, Canada  
August 2008 We're now located in Florence, Oregon.  
June 1st 2008 Ready to leave Arizona towards Oregon.
All orders are still taken care anyway.
February 1st 2008
We have relocated!
Meet us at the 2008 Tucson Electric Park Gem & Mineral Show
(E. Ajo Way Between Kino Pkwy. & Country Club Rd)
Tucson, Arizona
Feb 2nd to 17th 2008
We are now located just beside the Electric Park Learning Center.
Look for us under the "Healing Art" Banner.
Also, Dr Web will be Electric Park Learning Center's official technical web & multimedia "Gardian Angel" for the whole duration of the show.
November 2007

We are moving our headquarters to Tucson, Arizona for the 2007/2008 winter season.
"Quartzsite Live Deals" will be brodcasted "Live" from the Word's Rock & Gem Mecca. Why not!
We are very happy about this as it will allow us to access a much broader audience of buyers & sellers, not counting all the special finds we 'll undoubtedly make over there.
Stay tuned!!
Updated our Diamond Tools pages with lots of special Fall 2007 offers.
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May 3rd 2007
Moved headquarters to Crescent, Oregon.
Preparing for an "off season" version of Quartzsite Live Deals with even more offers on rocks, stones, slabs,etc.
March 7th 2007

Will be here at Desert Gardens up to the 21st of march 2007.
Will keep this web site active and functional. There may be delays in responding to your messages & orders but we will get back to you. All orders will be filled and sent even after march 21th. Don't worry.

Feb 8th 2007
Headquarter moved to Booth# D15-D16 at Desert Gardens
Feb 2nd 2007
Added more info in the About Us section.
Feb 1st 2007
After going through a VERY cold month of january and a hard disk crash, we have now added a few new musical items in our Various Hot Finds section.
Come and visit us at Desert Gardens Gem & Mineral Show
Lots of new art pieces, stones, rough, musical instruments & accessories.

Jan 4th 2007
Added some of Cerika's Art Pieces and jewelry in the Art Jewelry section.  
Dec 26th 2006
Added the Jim Barzee's Fine Cabochon Collection.
All pieces available to purchase through our PayPal Cart System
Dec 18th 2006
Started integrating the PayPal Cart System to site.
Kept our order form page available for people who would rather use that system to fill their orders.

Dec 16th 2006